About the Name

Originally, I had it in mind to call this blog RoadNoise, but someone beat me to it. I could have called it Tim-RoadNoise or some such, but I didn’t want to seem too much the copycat, and Caroline wasn’t crazy about RoadNoise anyway. We thought of several alternatives: Rambling Roads, Vines & Vistas, Rolling Wonder, and my personal favourite – ‘Kay Syrah Syrah. Too much wine snob in that one, according to C.

The Drive Line thing actually makes reference to our drive train warranty, which will expire somewhere around Boise, Idaho on day four of the upcoming trip. I would not sweat this, except that on our spring tour Wine & Dino II, see excerpt below, we wore out a wheel bearing in Bozeman, Montana. The folks at Simpson Honda, and especially Dwayne, got us fixed up, but it took a day to get an appointment, and another day to get a part, so we had to skip our planned visit to Yellowstone in order to keep up with the rest of the hotel reservations.

So this year we’re doing Yellowstone for sure, and we’re carrying a spare wheel bearing just in case the other one goes. My own home-town Honda dealer assures me that there is no real reason to expect them to fail one after the other, but it is not a very expensive part, and it’s only a little larger than a hockey puck, so hey.

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