Okay, lets get started. This is intended to be a short-term blog about my upcoming vacation road trip from Kenora, Ontario to Santa Rosa, California and back. Along the way, we’re going to visit some National Parks, some museums, and quite a lot of wineries.

This is our third such trip in the last year, and I kept my friends posted on the other two by emailing to a distribution list, but I hope blogging will make it easier to include photographs and will let readers rummage through the content more easily.

The trip doesn’t begin until next week, but for practice, I’m going to include an excerpt from last spring’s journal Wine & Dino II about a similar trip which majored in wineries of Washington and British Columbia, and minored in dinosaur museums.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Okay, it seems to be working on our end now. The trial run was a good idea.Have fun, a safe trip, and no car problems this time.

  2. Okay, your comments have now appeared on the blog, and both Caroline and I can see them. She has also signed up as a follower, so my fame has increased threefold tongight!

  3. I think Dave and I discovered that same gravel road years ago, and we didn't even have Lara to help us.Biggest compliment possible about your Blog: I read the entire thing about fixing your computer, just because it was fun to read.

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