Day 4 Dinner Debriefing

The only ‘sit-down’ restaurant within walking distance of this hotel is a Perkins. Called a cab and went to Murphy’s Seafood & Steakhouse. A quiet place with the leather furniture we have learned to anticipate in Montana and Idaho. Tried some Idaho wines and were pleasantly surprised. Caroline tasted two Idaho Chardonnays, a simple one from Sawtooth that Caroline favoured before and after dinner, and a more complex one from Snake River that she had with her ahi tuna burger and sweet potato fries. I had a NY steak, and because it’s Idaho, a baked potato. To go with it, I chose a Sawtooth Cabernet which we both thought was excellent. We’d visit them, but we plan to be on the road early tomorrow, and it’s the wrong way. My steak was too salty for my taste, so I scraped off the rub and sauce and asked for some ground pepper. Lisa, our waitress, who had already impressed us by bringing free samples of two wines, left me with a pepper grinder, but promptly went to the kitchen to consult with the chef. They replaced my whole dinner with an unsalted one, with the sauce on the side. It was delicious, and far better than the one I had ‘fixed’ myself. Kudos to this waitress for helping her restaurant shine.

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