Week 1 Picks & Pans

Our favourite hotel so far, the Ponderosa Lodge in Sisters, Oregon: outdoor pool and spa, fabulous room, friendly staff like Josh on front desk, everything you could want from a hotel and llamas, too. Least favourite hotel, Idaho Falls: nice enough hotel, but ‘outskirts’ location.

Caroline’s favourite restaurant so far, Jen’s Garden, also in Sisters. Tim’s favourite restaurant, probably Murphy’s Seafood and Steak House, in Boise, Idaho. Least favourite restaurant for Caroline, Jaker’s in Idaho Falls, for Tim, Boci in Rogue River.

Favourite wine region so far, the Umpqua Valley. I’d take friends there anytime. Our favourite winery so far, River’s Edge in Elkton, Oregon: liked Mike and his wine. Least favourite winery, Henry Estate: overloaded tacky gift shop, abrasive host.

Caroline’s favourite National Park thing: the Paint Pots at Yellowstone. Tim’s, the John Day Fossil Beds ‘Age of Mammals’ fossil exhibit. Least favourite National Park thing, the Hagerman Fossil beds in Idaho. The museum was small and mainly for children, and work on the actual fossil bed is on hold. I hope they get more funding so they can show people what they really have.

One thought on “Week 1 Picks & Pans

  1. The new term is "vicariation" – I think. It means that you stay home and enjoy your holiday by listening to what other people are doing or did — vicariously. Yours is perfect for that, and if I could go see Mike without the drive to get there, I'd do it.Enjoy your holiday — forecast is for wet and much chillier.

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