Day 8 Dinner Debriefing

We mentioned yesterday that dining choices in Rogue River are limited. We chose pizza from Baci yesterday, and it was quite good. Tonight we picked up take-out from Tarasco, the Mexican place, so that we could drink our own wine and not drive afterwards. They were very quick, and the waitress actually noticed that we were sitting in our car, and brought the food out to us. This was very different from Baci, where it took longer than the twenty or twenty-five minutes they said. I lined up once after twenty-five minutes, it wasn’t ready. I came back after half an hour, they let me stand in line again, and then told me it had been ready for a while, they were wondering where I was. I was in their restaurant, right in front of them. I’m tall, I’m hard to miss. But back to tonight, and the Tarasco folks: not only did they bring it out to us, in the few minutes we waited, they assembled a generous bag of nacho chips and salsa, wrapped paper plates in foil so they wouldn’t get soggy, topped them with inverted paper plates so the food wouldn’t get cold, wrapped the whole shooting match in foil so it wouldn’t leak, and threw in plastic forks that we hadn’t even asked for. The food was delicious, if not very spicy. We have been making good use of our picnic set, which includes plastic plates, real cutlery, real napkins, and so on.

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