Day 10 Dinner Debriefing

We walked downtown for dinner tonight. Healdsburg is about the same size as Kenora, but it’s packed full of gourmet goodness. We walked around the town square, finding about two restaurants on each side. We chose the Charcuterie, where Caroline had one of tonight’s specials, the lamb stew, while I had the pork tenderloin in brandy and brown sugar sauce. She started with salad with a gorgonzola dressing, I had the broccoli and cheese soup. Now according to Caroline, the pork tenderloin was too sweet, but it was my dinner, and I say it was divine. She just has no stamina when it comes to sweet foods. Her lamb stew was tasty, not at all fatty, and the meat was very tender. We didn’t know many of the wines on the wine list at all, but our waiter steered us towards a Murphy Goode Cabernet from the Alexander Valley. It was fruity enough to go with my pork, but deep enough to stand up to Caroline’s lamb. For dessert, I predictably had the Pecan tart, but Caroline chose the Italian bread pudding. Made with raisins and pine nuts, and drenched in a Marsala sauce, it sounded grotesque to me, but C assures me it was delicious. One of our best dinners, and a contender for pick of the week. We might even try to eat there again, the day after tomorrow. We did take a cab back.

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