Day 11 Dinner Debriefing

Planned to eat a modest dinner at the Healdsburg Bar & Grill, but it was too cold to sit on the patio, and inside was full of TV’s. Went back to the Charcuterie, and found out we won’t be able to eat there tomorrow, they’re having a winemaker’s dinner, and they are booked solid. So we ate there tonight. Since we just ate there yesterday, the specials hadn’t even changed, so I studied the menu more closely than usual. Typically, I just scan through a menu ’till I see something that sounds good, then I order that. It’s not much of a system, but it serves me well. However, since I had already done that yesterday, I had to actually look the whole thing over to see what else I might like. The ribeye would be the obvious choice for a ‘culinary conservative’ (only slightly more daring than a meat & potato guy), but it was smothered in a gorgonzola sauce, and I don’t much like blue cheeses except in traces measurable in parts per thousand. In fact, the two businessmen at the adjacent table had eaten only half of theirs. So I went with the trout with lemon aioli. Since I was driving, I had just a glass of Viognier with it. Caroline likes everything on the menu, but had much admired another diner’s polenta last night, so she had it tonight. Made with mushrooms, spinach and roasted red peppers, it looked very good. It also turned out to have quite a strong tomato flavour, so I would have had a red wine with it, but the waiter had recommended Chardonnay, so that’s what Caroline had. We
treated ourselves to dessert: Caroline wanted the gingerbread with pumpkin gelato, I couldn’t resist the chocolate bread pudding. We partly traded, as Caroline found the gingerbread too gingery. I have a high tolerance for ginger, which is strange, since I have a low tolerance for mustard, wasabi or horseradish. She wasn’t about to give up her pumpkin gelato, though. So another good dinner, and with only glasses of wine, not expensive.

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