Day 14 Dinner Debriefing

One of the reasons we returned to McMinville is Bistro Maison, a nice French restaurant downtown. Our only complaint in the past was that the winelist featured French wines almost exclusively. The list now includes many more Oregon and Washington wines, and we were delighted to be able to have Ecole 41 Merlot with our dinner. For the record, Caroline started with the mushroom soup made from a variety of exotic local mushrooms, while I began with the shrimp with puff pastry and pernod sauce. Caroline chose the Coq au Vin for her main course, because I had it last time we were here. The Bistro’s version makes you realize why this dish is famous. I chose the Steak au Poivre with Pomme Frites. On the one hand, this looks a lot like a steak and fries. On the other hand, it tastes like so much more than that. The crowning touch was dessert, a Peach Clafoutie with raspberry frozen yogourt. I make a pretty fair Clafoutie, and Donna makes a very good one, but this was superb – the local peaches are in season, and this came out of the oven about fifteen minutes before we ordered it.

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