Day 14 Drive Brookings to McMinville

Our longest non-stop drive in a while, six hours with no refueling, and only a drive-by fooding at McDonalds. We were on the road at around seven, just a few minutes before Lara decided it was daylight. She suffered from ‘mountain sickness’ today. Whenever we drive through the mountains, she loses some of her satellite signal, and shows us drifting off the road. This causes her to frequently blurt out directions intended to get us back on the highway; if it gets bad enough, we just have to mute her.

Best restaurant name of the day: ‘The Crazy Norwegian’s Fish & Chips’. If it hadn’t been 0830, we’d have bought some. Place we probably wouldn’t have frequented: Hot Shots, an espresso bar with ‘bikini baristas’.

Anyway, the drive was fine. Sometimes the coastal highway is coastal, sometimes it’s more mountainal. Mid-morning we hit wet roads, and not much later, it began to rain for the first time on this trip. It stayed cool too, holding at 13C almost all day, warming up to 18C just before McMinville.

I owe Lincoln City a bit of an apology, last year I blamed it for all kinds of touristy tackiness, but I noticed this time through that some of the things I complained about were actually in Newport or Depoe Bay. Still, of all the possible places we could have stayed last night, Brookings was the nicest we saw.

Here in McMinville, we use a taxi company called Rick Shaw’s taxi. Can you guess what their logo is?

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