Day 15 Drive McMinville to Yakima

Caroline’s left foot and ankle are swollen, probably from the sunburn aggravated by sitting in the car all day, so for today’s drive we put her in the back seat and folded the front seat down to make a lounge chair. Elevating her leg this way didn’t stop the swelling, but it did keep it from getting worse. I feel a bit self-concious ‘making’ my wife ride in the back, so for short trips around town she rides up front.

Due to Caroline hobbling around, we did not visit wineries near McMinville, so we missed the whole Willamette Valley; this is Oregon’s premier region for Pinot Noir, but we were there a year ago, so we don’t feel too cheated.

We drove just four hours today and treated ourselves to a hot sit-down lunch in Hood River, taking a one-hour break for that but not visiting the classic car and aircraft museum. Traffic was heavy in Portland, steady everywhere else in Oregon, and light once we crossed the Columbia River into Washington. The bridge that was closed last year is open again now, but all you can see from the topside is that it has nice new railings.

Did not visit wineries in Yakima Valley either, but did find a nice liquor store and buy some wines from the two areas we missed. That means the only wine area we have left to visit on this trip is Walla Walla. Wineries of Snake River in both Oregon and Idaho, and Sawtooth wineries in Idaho will have to wait for another trip.

One thought on “Day 15 Drive McMinville to Yakima

  1. Get well wishes for Caroline!Today's photo is beautiful….and thanks for reminding me about coq au vin. That goes on next week's menus.

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