Day 20 Drive Saskatoon to Winnipeg

Yesterday, we were welcomed to Saskatchewan with a rock in the windshield. As these things go, it was pretty benign, just a little star an inch from the windshield pillar on my side, fairly low down. But it was cold last night, below freezing, and this apparently caused it to crack a bit, spreading about an inch each way, left and right. Later today, it spread some more, now it’s about four fingers wide, but the crack is curving downwards, so it still isn’t critical. It may be too big to fill in with liquid stuff, though.

Remember the lovely outside suite we got in Saskatoon? Well at about 620, the guy next door hit the command start on his diesel pickup and let it warm up while he showered and got dressed. It was parked tailgate to wall, so our whole room filled with exhaust fumes. In Drumheller, they had warning signs not to park that way, but Saskatoon does not. Nor do they have monoxide detectors. I slept through it all, except to wonder sleepily why the room smelled so strongly of furniture polish. So, breakfast with a headache.

Had breakfast at our hotel with Daryle & Shelly, Cliff & Kim, so we didn’t get away until 930. That put us in Regina right around noon, so we refuelled, washed the car, and picked up sandwiches. Realized that even if I felt great going by Brandon, it would be getting dark by the time we reached Winnipeg, and with all our baggage the car is riding tail low, so our headlights would be in the eyes of oncoming drivers. Besides, we wouldn’t get to Kenora until around nine at night, and there would still be the unloading and so on. And the specter of Caroline in the morning with no milk for her tea.

Plan A was drive to Brandon by mid-afternoon and on to Kenora on Friday, getting home in the afternoon or evening. Part way today, we realized we could just about make Winnipeg by nightfall, have a dinner out with Donna, and have an easy drive home tomorrow morning. A few phone calls, and Plan B was activated.

Not a whole lot of scenery on this drive. Saw one sign for a llama farm, but no sign of the llamas themselves. Saw lots of Black Angi.

Got one of the last two rooms in the Best Western on Pembina Highway. The hotel is full of soccer girls – twelve whole teams of them! Handmade paper signs adorn many of the doors in our hallway, announcing ‘Carly from Nova Scotia’ or ‘Adie’s Hair Salon’.

Looking forward to the easy run tomorrow, and seeing the cats again.

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