Week 3 Picks & Pans

Favourite Restaurant: man, that’s a toughie. I’m going to have to say T Maccarone on account of the fabulous duck, but I have to give honorable mentions to Cafe Melange, Bistro Maison, and the Pearl Cafe. Caroline says the Pearl for the imaginative menu, and the wonderful soup. You can tell a cook by the soup, we often think.

Least favourite restaurant: Earl’s. I’m sure the acoustics are designed to be noisy, probably to keep old geezers like me from hanging out there and making it uncool.

Favourite hotel: I say Missoula, for the nice vaulted ceiling and great breakfast room. Caroline says Yakima because it’s a very good hotel with extremely good staff.

Least favourite hotel: Medicine Hat. No elevator, and in order to get something on the main floor, we had to take a quirky little room.

Favourite wine region: Walla Walla. Great variety, great varietals.

Favourite winery or wine store: I would have to say Ecole 41 for both ambiance and product. Honorable mention to the CVS drugstore in Missoula because of the huge selection of wines, but especially because of Jim, the extraordinarily helpful wine manager.

Favourite scenery: the Rockies, by a landslide.
Least favourite scenery: Southern Saskatchewan as seen from the Trans-Canada highway. If you’ve been there, you know why.

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