Spring Roll

The plan was to start our vacation next Saturday, and head slowly west through North Dakota and Idaho and Montana to Washington and Oregon. This time around we want to fill in the northern part of the Oregon coast because we’ve not been there yet. For instance, we have twice trimmed Tillamook off our itinerary, and I hear that the old zeppelin hangar won’t last much longer. Also, let’s not forget the cheese.

However, a dear uncle of Caroline has died, and we will be heading to Saskatoon this week for a funeral. We will pick up our vacation after that, beginning in Montana.
We have a new GPS for this trip. Farewell, Lara, wherever you are. Say hi to Dan Garmin, our new navigator. He’s English, sort of, and he has a bigger brain than Lara. He can say the names of streets and towns, in his own way, and uses this ability to express his subtle sense of humour.
Our trusty Honda CRV is unchanged. If I refer to her by name this trip, it will likely be as Pearl, after her ‘midnight pearl’ paint.

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