Kenora to Saskatoon

We don’t usually begin by driving to Saskatoon, but we have a funeral to attend. Got away almost on time at 0613 and the drive took an hour or two less than we expected; we got to Saskatoon at 1515. Dan, our new GPS, keeps track of time zones and gave us our ETA in Saskatchewan time. Strangely, when we asked him for the shortest route, he said to take the Yellowhead (Hwy 16) When we asked for the quickest route, he said take the Trans Canada. So far so good. But when we decided to take the Yellowhead anyway, he said it would be fifteen minutes quicker! This has something to do with using our actual speed as opposed to our estimated speed for the calculation, I guess. Did actually lose the fifteen minutes and more, so allowing for a fuel stop and so on, it seems he was about right with his initial estimates.

Anyway, drive across prairies dull but safe. Our first stop was for a tank of gas at Oak Bluff on the Winnipeg Perimeter Hwy, then we got subs at Russel, Manitoba, and another tank of gas somewhere just past Yorkton. Meant to buy gas IN Yorkton, but nothing on our side of the road, and construction made it hard to double back. Found a quaint little Co-Op gas station that seemed almost frozen in time from decades ago. Restrooms around the side of the building, dirt parking lot, etc. Nothing old fashioned about the price though, Saskatchewan is more expensive than home at a dollar eight per liter.
Least likely plate of the day: Oregon. I’m sure I recognized it by the big green tree design in the middle, but I wasn’t able to read the name of the state, so it doesn’t quite count. Also one complete unknown with a blue streak across the top and red numbers.
We had some packing glitches, including forgetting to make the camera or snack food accessible from the front of the car, so no picture of the day today.
As we were pulling out of Russell, Caroline phoned her brother Floyd to see if they were ahead of us on their way from Lac du Bonnet. They were just short of Russell, and we did beat them to Saskatoon by most of an hour.
Dan had a narcolepsy episode when I asked him to take us across town to Gwen’s condo in Saskatoon. Had to unplug him twice and fiddle with his power switch twice before he’d wake up. I was trying to show him off to Floyd, and I guess he was feeling shy. Would have been a bummer if he packed it in just as we’re setting off on a long trip.
For the next couple of days, though, we’ll be in Saskatchewan with Caroline’s family. I don’t plan to share a lot of personal moments from the funeral on this blog, so the real vacation, and the real blogging will start on Friday.

One thought on “Kenora to Saskatoon

  1. Sorry for you loss Caroline…Thoughts and prayers are with you!! Take care, and I hope you can enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

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