Day in Saskatoon

It wouldn’t be a road trip if something didn’t break down. A wheel bearing, a laptop… this time it’s the GPS. Dan’s narcolepsy attack yesterday was apparently an early symptom of something much worse . It was impossible to boot him today, and a chat with Garmin tech support confirmed that the condition is terminal. We are sending him back to Kansas in a box, and they will ship a replacement to Bozeman, Montana in time for our arrival. This just left us with the problem of getting around Saskatchewan and down to Montana. Apparently, we’re addicted to satellite navigation; we caved in and bought a basic GPS to fill in for three days. We’ll just sell it when we get home – let the bidding begin!

One thought on “Day in Saskatoon

  1. Glad you're back. I wasn't sure when you would start writing the Blog, under the circumstances.We have been thinking about you — this will be a tough time, but it's good you could be there, for yourselves as well as for the rest of the family.We'll look forward to hearing about the vacation part, once you get underway.

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