Quill Lake

Just a side trip from Saskatoon to Quill Lake and back on a family matter today. We hope to have dinner out with one of Caroline’s cousins and his wife tonight, but apart from that, we are almost done here.

Mounted the temporary GPS on Lara’s old suction cup disk this morning so she wouldn’t fall flat on her face every time we hit a bump. Switched the voice from Emily to the generic British English, but although she gave up announcing street names, she still doesn’t sound like Lara. We’re open to suggestions for naming both our temporary navigator, and Dan’s successor, assuming he meets us in Bozeman according to plan.

This part of Saskatchewan mainly features ‘rolling’ prairie, and every low spot is full of water this wet spring. Not much seeding going on yet, apparently. On the way back to Saskatoon, I went to grab a pepsi from the cooler in the car, and it wasn’t there. We aren’t in full Road Mode, and the cooler is back in our hotel room today. We’ll put that right tomorrow, when the real travel begins – the car will finally be properly organized for touring. The only thing we won’t do yet is stock the picnic cooler with lunch stuff, because we’ll be crossing the US border tomorrow and food items could be an issue.

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