Saskatoon to Havre

A longish drive on back roads today. We began by heading out of Saskatoon on Highway 7, an amazingly boring road that is longer than it looks: destinations recede like mirages. Our major intersection where we turned south was controlled by a four-way stop sign. To head into the US, we chose Highway 4, which sounds like a major truck-route kind of road that should have a large border crossing. Wrong. It is a tiny two-lane affair unevenly paved with a mix of asphalt and gophers.

The border crossing was great. The agent stepped out of his house-sized building and waved us ahead before we even stopped for the stop sign. He ran our passports, then helpfully told us how far to the next gas station, which was becoming important. On the American side, even the farms seemed not to have buildings. I conclude that even the people that own the farms won’t live that far from anywhere.

Gas and a picnic at Malta, where we spotted a Tennessee plate. Nice little town park with a picnic table overlooking the ball diamond. One stray seagull quietly(!) awaiting scraps. Warm weather, sunny and 24 or so.

Could have pushed on to Great Falls easily enough, but too late to cancel hotel reservation in Havre. Pronounced “have ‘er”, by the way. It seems to be a sleepy but pleasant little town with republican leanings. Caroline walked through the garden center at the IGA just to see what they had.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a midday break at Great Falls and maybe do a little shopping. I forgot to bring my wine snob baseball cap, and we’ve already killed a set of camera batteries.

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