Dinner in Havre

Okay, I wasn’t going to review every restaurant this trip. But. Ran across the road to the Duck Inn for Mediterranean fare. Caroline had been eying their chicken with black olives, artichokes, mushrooms, asparagus and white wine sauce since mid-winter. Our waitress was tired – we later learned that she had driven up from Missoula during the day, and had managed to hook up with her truck-driving husband for lunch in Vaughn. I’m pretty sure she had never served a gin and tonic before; she didn’t know what kinds of gin they had. She’d probably never served wine piggies before, either. But a bottle of Fetzer Chardonnay was $20, about what we’d pay in the liquor store, never mind a restaurant.

We split a Greek salad, which was still too much. The clam chowder was sublime – I’ve had worse in San Fransisco, and they think they invented it there. Caroline scored her fancy chicken a ten. I went with the charred salmon in shrimp cream sauce. I’d have cooked it less, so it was wet inside instead of totally flaky, but the cream sauce was lovely. Our whole bill was under $72, which might have been our liquor tab at Dino’s.

The restaurant was quiet, and several people came in but didn’t stay to eat, perhaps because of the plushy decor. Caroline thinks that some Montanans “are not so comfortable with… you know… napkins.” The restaurant offered two other rooms, presumably less formal.

One thought on “Dinner in Havre

  1. After reading Caroline's E-mail, I was relieved that you did review a couple of restaurants and that you enjoyed the food. You even had some peace and quiet!Stay healthy.

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