Bozeman to Liberty Lake

From the Couer d’Alene Scenic Route

Breakfast at Nova today. Note to self: no such thing as a slice of back bacon in Montana, not even on eggs Benedict. Thick slab of ham for you, son. Put some more meat on them bones.

A day of Interstate travel today. Finally got to play Campers versus Trailers in earnest. After five days we had accumulated only 22 each, counting all kinds of motor homes and camper vans in with truck campers, and all kinds of camper trailers including tent trailers. One day of interstate travel ran the score up to 105 to 85 in favour of motorized campers. What I didn’t expect was the number of horse trailers – there were more of these than all the campers combined, I think.

We were running ahead of schedule, even after taking an early lunch break at a roadside rest stop. Too early to check in to our hotel, so we took a break from interstate driving and detoured around Lake Coeur d’Alene on the scenic highway. We’ve always wanted to see more of the lake and it’s homes than what is visible from the I-90. Lots of places for sale, almost every other one, it seemed. Strangely, after meandering around the ‘back’ of the lake, you cannot rejoin the interstate further along. Instead, you have to backtrack through farm country and get back on the interstate one intersection earlier than when you left. Still, a beautiful drive, and with 20mph bends, a big change from the divided highway.

Beautiful huge hotel room here with comfy armchairs, footstool, larger fridge and double vanity.

Ate dinner at Hay J’s Bistro, an unassuming strip-mall kind of building by the gas station. Inside, a whole different atmosphere, and balance is restored to our universe. We knew from reading Trip Advisor on the internet that this place was nicer than it looks, and it was awesome. Caroline had a nice salad and halibut in a creamy lemon butter sauce that was “like dessert!” I tasted it, and I have to agree: if we come back, I’m having that. I had curried tenderloin tips to start, and wild salmon for dinner, and both were excellent. My seasonal fruit tart was more about the custard part than the fruit, but then, what fruit IS in season in May? The custard was delicious, so I’m not complaining.

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