Leavenworth to Edmonds

The shortest day of driving yet, at two hours. We could have tacked it on to the end of yesterday quite easily, but this is Seattle’s commuter belt, and we would have arrived at rush hour.
Instead, we slept in a little and began the day by picking up cheese (I found some Cotswold) and liverwurst for a picnic in the mountains. At least, that was the plan, but the first likely looking picnic area came up before 1130, and the next one was closed. None of the campgrounds seemed to be open for the season yet, and although we kept catching tantalizing glimpses of beautiful mountain streams, there was never a picnic table to be seen. Took a significant detour to one park, only to find that while scads of kayakers and rafters were wading into the river, the picnic tables were in a field by the elementary school. I’m beginning to suspect that the highways departments are reluctant to put picnic tables by the rivers on account of the drownings and the suings.

Nope, no picnic table here.
Eventually we found another park, way off the highway through a sleepy residential area, and although there was supposed to be a waterfall, it must have been a long way down the hiking trail because we could not hear any water noise at all. There was a peaceful picnic area with shade though. It was quite warm and sunny, despite a dire forecast for storm conditions with high wind and rain.
After lunch, the weather did turn worse, and navigating our way through the must turn lanes, bus lanes and ferry lanes was tricky enough in light traffic. Without Deetoo, we’d have been at each other’s throats, I’m sure.
Now that we are at our hotel, I am wishing for my rain jacket because walking to the nearby seafood restaurant is going to be ugly. It would take some grim determination to go and sit in the outdoor hot tub in the gusty wet conditions, so we’ve done laundry and now we’re holed up in our room blogging and napping, respectively. It’s so nasty I just closed the window firmly to keep the rain out.
Tomorrow we fight the commuters for a spot on the ferry.

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