Dinner in Astoria

Like last night, the rain let up for long enough for us to get to a restaurant. Like last night, the ‘better’ restaurant was farther away. That’s about it for similarities. We walked past the huge exit ramp from the bridge to eat at Bridgewater Bistro, the closer restaurant. Caroline was dismayed to learn that the only actual fish (other than fish & chips), was salmon. Ditto the fishcakes. So while I cheerfully had French onion soup and Coquille Ste. Jaques (never met a scallop I didn’t like), Caroline wrestled with the menu for ages and finally ordered chowder and calamari & chips. The food was actually quite good, with special mention due her chips and my green beans, and the price was very reasonable. Diplomatically, we had an Oregon wine, Chehallem Inox Chardonnay. For my wine buddies, the Inox part refers to the stainless steel they chose over oak, making it a clean, light Chardonnay well suited to cutting through creamy sauces and fried squidbits. After dinner we watched the rain pour down on the shipping channel and the deck outside the restaurant, but it let up after dessert and we were able to walk back to the hotel before it got dark.

This is probably a good thing, as the hotel is not on the swankiest part of the waterfront. Our window overlooks a vacant lot probably used for winter boat parking. Next door is a U-haul franchise and a bankrupt farm supply store. Then comes the abandoned car-wash and some other rather moribund looking small businesses, then a very old bar. Bikers need not apply, all the good chairs belong to longshoremen or sailors. Luckily, we had not borrowed an umbrella from the hotel tonight.

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