Dinner in McMinnville

Out for dinner at Maison Bistro last night. A month or two ago, when we made the reservation, Caroline was planning on finally having the mussels. The first time we went there, they had a yellowjacket problem – they would swarm around any patio table with mussels. The nest has been found and removed. But it just wasn’t mussels on the patio weather last night. We huddled in the salon, and chowed down on comfort food: crusty bread, buttery prawns with pastry (T), a rich yam soup (C), confit of duck (T), and a cassoulet of duck, lamb and garlic sausage (C).

Chose the Ecole 41 Syrah to go with all those rich flavours.

We have been taken to task for saying so little about dessert, so for the record, they make their own ice cream there, and I had the cherry amaretto. Caroline had a lemon cake, and it was extraordinary; a pound cake with huckleberries and a marscapone layer with the lemon taste coming mostly from lemon zest – no hint of that pie filling flavour you get from lemon curd. One of our best desserts so far.

I haven’t mentioned it lately, but when we don’t walk to restaurants, we take taxis, so you needn’t worry that any of this wine is taking to the streets.

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