Day in Walla Walla

A leisurely day to drive around tasting some wine and scenery. Went to see the winery at Abeja, and it’s even more discreet than Swanson – not even a sign. Recognized the building from the pictures on their website. First we stopped in town to stock up on picnic supplies and see what some of the popular local wines sell for in the liquor store or the supermarket. Most amazing to us was the price of Smoking Loon: at home, Caroline is sure it’s gone up from $17.00 to $21.00. – here it’s $3.99, and you get ten percent off if you buy more than six bottles of anything. Never mind buying an RV: Lyle is right, I should buy a truck.

Had picnic at 3 Rivers, which has a lovely flagstone patio overlooking three tiny golf holes and the surrounding farmland. Lots of nice iron patio furniture with cushions, and not another soul there. Then on to a couple of old favourites: Cougar Crest and Ecole 41. Didn’t buy a lot, because we’re well stocked right now. Went to Skylight, because we heard they make Viognier, but it’s an award-winning wine and they are sold out.

Finally the sun is shining, and we might put in a little pool time this afternoon. Supper will be at T Maccarone, where last year I had my best duck dinner ever. More in the mood for a simple pasta dinner tonight, though.

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