Dinner in Walla Walla

Monday, and many of the restaurants here are closed. T Maccarone is within easy walking distance, and serves Italian food ranging from pasta to duck & salmon. Appetizers were great, Caroline had a beet salad which she loved, and I had a delicious asparagus soup, although strangely, it was neither hot nor cold. Since we were both having fish, we ordered a Dunham Chardonnay – this is not one of the wines we would choose to take home. The latest fashion here is to go easy on the oak and make light, crisp, fruity Chards. Give me big, buttery Chards. If I want light and crisp, I’ll have a Pinot Gris. Caroline chose the halibut and liked it, but not the lentil curry sauce it came with. I should have stuck to plan A and had the linguine with clams, but I changed my mind at the last minute and had the trout instead. The fish was fine, it came with more asparagus than I could possibly eat and some nice toasted almonds. The caramel cheesecake was nice, too.

Tomorrow we bounce out of bed and drive to Missoula. Since we don’t plan to shop for more wine, this will pretty much just be a waypoint, but we are looking forward to dinner at Pearl. After that, it’s strictly a matter of making miles homeward.

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