Sunny afternoon excursion

The phone rang during my afternoon nap, and it was Molly returning our call to Abeja. Although she could not offer us a tasting, she could sell us a few bottles if we came out to the winery. We jumped at the chance because it’s really hard to find any of their limited production in the stores. Since we had driven out there in the morning just to see what it looked like, we knew the way. More to the point, it was still in Dingbat’s ‘recently found’ list.

The Abeja winery is in a refurbished barn

So ignoring the complete lack of signage, we pulled into the working side of the winery, and were met by two black labs and Molly. Against our expectations, she did have a Cabernet open. This is the wine they strive to excel at, so she wanted us to taste it. One of the reasons that Abeja is not more famous is that they have only been around since 2001. Had a nice visit, and left with a few more bottles. We will now stop shopping for wine, as we have already bought more than we intended.

One thought on “Sunny afternoon excursion

  1. The Abeja winery sounds great, and I love the photo.Sad to think you're heading home already — what a short two weeks it has been!On the plus side, the weather here is great, fire danger has to be nil after 3 1/2 inches of rain, and the nurseries are still stocked up and waiting for Caroline to hit town.We go in tomorrow, and you will be relieved to know that Dave has helped me prepare an entire new bed ready for something really good — from Pam's this time, I hope.

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