Dinner in Lethbridge

I keep forgetting to mention that as we pulled out of Walla Walla, I reached up to straighten the Sirius satellite radio and it came unstuck from the windshield. This is remarkable, as it has stayed on for months, thanks to some aircraft structural cement. It’s a good thing aircraft are not commonly made of glass. This is probably what led to my off-the-wall remarks about Wonder Woman’s jet.

Anyway… walked a short distance from our hotel to Chopstix, a restaurant with a drive-through lane that claims to serve gourmet Chinese food – fast. The thought that it must all be sitting around on steam tables to make that possible put us off. In the other direction, I had spotted a place called Luigi’s Pizza. Closer examination revealed that they did steaks and stuff, too. I had a pepper steak saute, which is pretty much the same thing as a beef stir-fry, especially if you order it with rice. It was pretty good. Caroline had a ham, pineapple, onion and green pepper pizza. They aren’t kidding, they really do make their own crust, and it was excellent. Oh, and they bake their own bread, too, it seems, it was fresh and soft. We had a cheap Chianti, and it was just fine.

Cheapest dinner in ages, and we would make a note to eat there again next time we stay at this hotel. I say ‘would’, but we won’t. The bathroom smells of tobacco smoke, and we just found out it wafts up the vent from smoking floors below us. Also, the pop machines and ice makers on the fourth and eighth floors are out of order, so you have to go all the way down to the lobby. Not an expensive hotel, but I think I’d rather pay more and get more.

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