Missoula to Lethbridge

We put a great deal of effort into trying to replan our route today. We really don’t like the drive from Lethbridge to Kenora, and our Regina hotel is very expensive. Also we could save an hour’s driving and split the days more evenly. We checked with the MLCC to see how much more it would cost to enter Canada in Manitoba. The main extra charge is a fee of twelve cents an ounce on wine exceeding your duty free allowance. That would amount to well over a hundred dollars. On the other hand, we could have nicer hotels for less money, and cheaper gas. We looked at running home the way we usually set out: Bozeman and Bismarck. But when it came to trying to set it up, none of the right hotels had vacancies. Billings was no better, and even driving Highway 2 back to Havre and Grand Forks wouldn’t work. So, back to plan A: Alberta.

Had lunch in a windy little recreational park in Dutton, Montana No washrooms, though. The very next interstate rest stop we passed had picnic tables with walls to screen out the wind, AND washrooms. D’Oh! Next time.

Customs line-up short, but fee on wine quite a bit higher than last time, at $4.00 a bottle. It was almost $5.00 a bottle, but it turned out the agent had made a mistake and counted each bottle as a liter. Last fall, it was more like $2.50, so maybe that guy made a mistake in our favour.

Drive to Lethbridge mind-numbing. Will attempt Chinese food, but not at the place we tried last time we were here.

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