Getting Excited

Hi everybody. We’re hitting the highway in one week, and I’m starting to get excited. So far, I’ve done most of the car preparations. New touring tires have been installed, Michelin Harmonies, which suck in winter, but last a lot of summer miles. I tried to buy Bridgestone Turanzas, but there was no production date set for them, and ordering from another Kal-Tire store produced a set of three Turanzas and one Bridgestone something else. The 12v cooler is repaired after the plug broke off, and an assortment of little lumbar supports has been loaded for Caroline.

We are heading to California again, after not doing any trip last fall. This time we will have to detour further west in Manitoba before crossing into the US, due to road closures for flooding. We will still end up spending the first night in Bismarck, but it will likely take us an hour or two longer to get there. To compensate, we have planned a shorter second day. This time around, instead of heading west to Bozeman, MO, we will be cruising south to Keystone, SD. We’ll take a day to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Black Hills, the SD badlands and some caves.

After that, I have a rather vague notion that we are heading towards the Rockies and turning south to see the Grand Canyon and stuff. I know we end up crossing into California at Needles, home of Snoopy’s cousin Spike.

As far as the blog goes, I hope to continue in the same vein as previous trips. There will be a short description of our day’s drive, a few paragraphs about the day’s attractions, and a separate entry about dinner, even if it’s just Chinese food. Those of you who remember Dingbat, our trusty Garmin GPS, will be happy to hear that he has survived the winter.

My new ambition is to include some kind of map to depict our progress. I just did a little experimenting, and it’s easy enough to mark our overnight stops on Google Maps Just click that link to see an overview of western North America with our stopover points marked. Although we do not drive hard, we cover a lot of ground in our middle-aged way.

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