The Night Before

Fridge is emptied, house is clean(ish), and we’re ready to go. No food in the house, so dinner at Dino’s.

Highways are still closed south of Winnipeg, so our plan is to go westward as far as Carmen, MB, then turn south and cross into ND at Walhalla. This route adds perhaps an hour to our run to Bismarck, ND, because it doesn’t allow for much Interstate driving. That’s okay, Intertates are efficient, but not known for their Fun Quotient. By the way, if you missed my post from May 1st, you should be able to see it below and click on the Google Maps link to see an overview of our route, with stopovers marked with balloony thumbtack thingies.

We will be celebrating Mother’s Day in Keystone, SD. The cats will be buying us dinner in the finest establishment Keystone has to offer. We do know there is a restaurant there that specializes in dishes such as Bison, but it’s quite possible that they cater more to hunters than foodies. If the dress code calls for blaze orange and camo, we may be eating pizza and toasting Caroline with fountain pop.

We have also calculated that we will be in Northern California (Redding, CA) on May 20th, the day that the Rapture folks think the world is ending. I don’t think they’ll be rioting in the streets, they should be peacefully practicing their harp music, but we’ll be watching the news nightly just in case they get over-anxious. The Mayans figured we’re good for at least another eighteen months, so let’s hope they were right.

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