Day 5 Drive: Castle Rock, CO to Albuquerque, NM

Here’s what we saw when we looked out of our hotel window to check on the CRV.

The forecast was for showers.

Commuters went to bed last night expecting showers in the morning, not snow. Driving conditions were very poor for the first hour, with temperatures just barely above freezing. Lots of emergency vehicles out, so lots of accidents, I assume. The Interstate was ‘closed for motorcycles’. At least, we think that’s what the electric sign said, half of it was obscured by snow.

Things were a bit better by Colorado Springs; the road was still wet, but the snow and fog had let up. New Mexico welcomed us with sunny breaks and the temperature went from 9C to 17C in half an hour. Stopped for lunch at a rest stop, but it was too cold and windy to eat at a picnic table, even though they were sheltered by shoulder high walls. Had to eat in the car. LLLPotD: Manitoba. Ran in to a couple from Winnipeg at the rest stop, they were driving to Santa Fe. They told us they’re having evacuations in Brandon.

New Mexico

The blue skies didn’t really last; I think we drove through every kind of precipitation in the book today, except frogs. I know we saw snow, rain, snow pellets, sleet and small hail.

We have spotted plates from 32 of the 50 states so far, and most of the rest are going to be tough: Delaware, for example, and Hawaii, which we’ve only ever managed once.

Albuquerque was easy enough until the last block. For the last turn, I chose the worst possible lane. It took us three runs past the hotel before we were able to get into the parking lot. However, we are just a block or two from Old Town Albuquerque, so I look forward to walking everywhere.

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