Day 5 Dinner Debriefing: Zinc

Okay, after last nights taxi shenanigans, we were a little shy, and we almost ate at a little bistro next door, just so we could walk. But it’s owned by a local winery, and they only sell their own wines. Anyway, we got the front desk to fix us up with a cab, and had an amazing ride with Manny, who possessed a great sense of humour but no fear.

Zinc has an adventurous style( Zinc Menus ) that suited us after consecutive nights of steak, Mexican and Chinese. Very pleased with our waitress, Jessica, who had to hustle as the restaurant filled up, but still found time to check on us often. Our table was upstairs, looking down on the main floor and the exposed kitchen through a glass railing. We got to watch the Chef make a mistake! He had just put a side of mashed potatoes on a plate when a disgusted expression crossed his face and he scraped it all off again. Other than that, the kitchen was well prepared and made it look easy except at the very peak of the evening. Caroline had the smoked trout on a potato pancake to start, while I had the ‘Confit of Duck’ egg rolls with both peanut sauce and ginger sauce. We were both wowed. Caroline chose the seafood special which was a lightly cooked filet of hake with asian salad and a pineapple compote. I chose the pork chop from the regular menu. Liked the pork, loved the apricot glaze and brie macaroni, but not the bacon, which turned out to be smoked. Because I have an allergy to ‘liquid smoke’, whenever I taste smoke, my brain starts waving it’s panicky robotic arms and screaming “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.” This tends to spoil my fun, but it’s hardly the Chef’s fault. Once I started setting the bacon aside, I enjoyed my meal, too. We decided a light red wine would suit both our dinners, and chose a bottle of  La Crema Pinot Noir. For dessert, we both chose the Strawberry Blackberry ‘Shortcake’. It was a lot like the orange biscuits topped with strawberry, mint and whipped cream I make at home, but at Zinc, it came on a Pistachio muffin. Wonderful. But no way we could eat two of them, so we shared one and brought one home. 

Manny couldn’t make it to pick us up, he was on a run to Santa Fe, but he sent a friend to get us, so taxi companies are back in our good books for a day.

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