Day 6 Dinner Debriefing: Church Street Cafe

Our plan was to eat in Old Albuquerque tonight, which is within walking distance, but this pretty much limited us to Mexican food. This area is basically a tourist trap, and Trip Advisor panned pretty much every restaurant there. I don’t mean they damned it with faint praise: phrases like ‘avoid this place’ and ‘food poisoning’ were widespread.

Anyway, we got about what we expected. The food was edible and the wine was drinkable. Tim’s Old Fashioned Rellenos were not actually stuffed peppers at all, but some kind of doughy fried lumps with bits of pepper and meat inside. Caroline’s tacos were okay after she salted them and got some extra hot sauce to put on them.

I have had real Mexican food before: in Mexico, to be sure, and in Yakima, WA, too. For a summer or two there was a little hole-in-the-wall place on the Kenora harbourfront that was pretty authentic. Let’s go down the list a little further. I’ve had okay Mexican food in Rogue River, OR and just lately in Keystone, SD. Now that last one, we laughed at, because everyone knows you aren’t going to get real Mexican food in South Dakota. But laughable as it was, it was better than tonights.

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