Day 8 Dinner Debriefing: Barking Frog Reprise

Contemplated a couple of other restaurants for tonight, but Caroline really wanted to go back to the Frog and try some of the other things she liked on the menu.

We were disappointed to be told that the courtesy shuttle wouldn’t be available for twenty minutes or so. We called the restaurant to tell them we might be late for our reservation and thought to ourselves: here we go again. Au contraire! The concierge was just packing up at the end of her day, and she gave us a ride in her personal car. I’ll spare you the suspense and tell you now; after dinner the shuttle driver was waiting for us when we stepped out of the restaurant.

So. Last night was Rellenos, red meat and red wine. Barking Frog Grille menu  Tonight we chose seafood dishes and had a white wine. Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc, to be specific. We started by sharing an order of Calamari, and it was delightful, with lots of tender tentacles, not those rubbery rings you sometimes get. Caroline opted for the Halibut tacos, and I had the carmelized scallops. Caroline’s plate came with three little soft tacos piled high with fish and slaw. She tried eating them with a knife and fork, but said it just didn’t combine the same way. So she scraped off about half the slaw and rolled them, and then she was happy. I tasted her refried beans and rice, and they were very nice, too. My scallops came on a hearty slab of polenta, and with a baby spinach salad. I used the red grapefruit segment as a mouth cleansing sorbet substitute and ordered churros for dessert. For those of you not familiar, imagine something like cinnamon french toast, but crispier and shaped more like a fancy breadstick. They came with caramel and whipped cream. Think of it as the devil’s answer to health food.

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