Day 8 Drive: Touring Sedona

We decided to take it easy today, and do just a little local driving. I got up quite early, because I’m sort of a morning person. Did I mention that the free coffee at the back of the lobby is just ten steps from our room? Out onto the patio, in the next door, extend arm to right, grab paper cup. Way easier than brewing a pot in the room, and they have both real cream and fancy creamers. 

After breakfast, we picked up groceries at Safeway. You would think with free hotel breakfasts and dinners out that our grocery requirements would be trivial, but we needed some dish soap, and some nail clippers – pretty soon we had too much for a basket, and I had to go get a cart.

Back to the room to unpack and refrigerate. Still too early for lunch, so we had a little nap. I did explain that we’re taking it easy, right? Then we headed back the way we came with the idea of having a picnic lunch at one of the places we whizzed by yesterday. Some parts of the canyon require special day permits or are Arizona State park land. However, Peggy at one of the information centers explained that our National Parks permit will do for most areas, including lots of picnic sites. We had a lunch down by a rocky creek with high hills all around. I should mention the temperature: it’s been running around 27 to 29C. Where we come from, that’s hot. In Arizona, this is where the people from Phoenix come to cool off.

After lunch we drove to the top of the canyon to admire the view of all the switchbacks on the road, but I’m not blown away by the photograph. Dingbat’s GPS display looked like an ultrasound of someone’s intestines. I’m glad I don’t have to drive that crazy road in an RV. Some lucky guy gets to do it in a school bus! Then back down the canyon and through Sedona to do a little driving loop tour. Cacti are in bloom here, so I’m optimistic about the Mojave desert.

Rocks and trees, just like home. But different.

After the road tour, pool time. Amazingly, if you get wet and sit in the shade, it’s unbearably cold. Sat in the hot tub instead and chatted to a young Navy wife. Her husband is on the carrier that buried Osama at sea. They were going to be stationed in Japan, and were scheduled to arrive two days before the Tsunami, but they have a husky and dogs are difficult in Japan, so they asked for California instead.

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