Day 10 Drive: Twentynine Palms, CA to Cambria, CA

This is as far as we go! We have two or three nights here, and then the trek homeward begins. For the record, Dingbat records a trip distance of about 5200 kilometers so far. Next time I see him, I’ll ask how far home by the shortest route, (just under 4000km) but our actual route home won’t be the shortest by a long shot. I fully expect this trip to round out at 10,000 km or more.

Speaking of Dingbat, the most obvious route today would have been  to take freeways through the north edge of Los Angeles. Now I’ll admit right off that that did not appeal to me much – I’m imagining eight lanes of dodgem cars at 80mph, and all the other cars are being driven by Cheech Marin. So instead, we asked Dingbat to route us via Barstow, which takes us north of the whole LA basin. Almost up to Bakersfield, actually. Far Away Eyes – Rolling Stones Strangely, Dingbat claims this route is actually quicker, which begs the question: why did he suggest the LA route, then?

We did detour slightly south of course once, in Apple Valley, to find a bookstore. This deviation of less than ten kilometers was enough for Dingbat to revise his opinion, and announce ‘LA it is, then!’  Umm. No. Via Lancaster, please. No, not the ones in Texas and Alabama – the one just 60 clicks from here. But enough about the navigation.

A Joshua Tree

Interesting drive today, starting with high desert, full of Joshua trees, then a range of hills, then farmland,  then wine country with more hills. No sign of the ocean until we were just a block from our hotel, and now I’m looking out the hotel room window at it. It’s been cool and grey all day, but the sun is trying to break through a little now.

Our Patio at the Fireside Inn at Moonstone Beach

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