Day 11 Dinner Debriefing: Madeline’s

After eating within walking distance yesterday, we decided to drive into town tonight. It’s still raining, so walking wasn’t very attractive. Madeline’s is supposed to be good, and has an interesting menu, Madeline’s Menu but we had so-so luck.

Caroline started with the butter lettuce salad, while I chose to begin with the brie in phyllo pastry. Her salad was good, but my brie was too much – a large wedge from a big wheel of brie, plus the pastry, plus bacon, plus half a dozen little slices of garlic toast from a baguette. The garlic toast kind of overpowered the subtler pastry taste, and as for bacon on brie – did they think it needed to be richer? Oh well. 

For entrees, Caroline thought the pheasant cannelloni with wild mushrooms would be good, but it wasn’t. They drenched the whole plate with an oily mornay sauce, and butter and oil just oozed out of everything. Also there was no flavour of mushrooms. I had a filet mignon, and it was very good. It had been aged a little, or seasoned with a light touch, or both. The restaurant had run out of mashed potatoes, so they let me choose scalloped. They were very nice – much more interesting than mashed. We were the last table to enter the restaurant, which might explain why our asparagus and carrots were a little over cooked.

We chose a Pinot Noir as likely to be light enough for Caroline’s rich poultry dish, but not too faint for my steak. Derby Wine Estates is a local company, and their wines are not widely distributed. This wine was a light red, unfiltered and unfined, so a bit of sediment and lots of crystals. To my mind, it is a little off-dry, so we won’t be seeking it out.

Tried to order a Persian Lime tart for dessert, but they were out. The house specialty is Bananas Foster, but I bet John’s are better. If I do them, I make crepes, and I bet they’re better too, so we passed on dessert. The restaurant did take the pheasant dish off the bill, and the wine was half price with two entrees, so the bill wasn’t bad. Would we eat there again? No.

When we got back to the hotel, they were out of lobby cookies. Drat.

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