Day 12 Dinner Debriefing: Crab Cakes

One benefit of advancing our drive to Oakhurst is that the restaurant scene here offers a lot more good choices than San Simeon. There, we had a choice of iffy hotel seafood, iffy tourist trap seafood, or iffy Mexican. Here in the hills by Yosemite, we have passable Chinese, good Japanese, very good barbecue or very good seafood. 

We opted for the seafood when we found out all those restaurants were within easy walking distance. Crab Cakes bills itself as a family restaurant, and it was noisy, but not because of children. The decor ran the seafood theme all the way from a huge aquarium to fishing nets, but the staff were attentive, and we knew we were in the right place as soon as our apps arrived. Caroline ordered the Clam Chowder (New England style – they offer both) and it was sublime. Buttery, in a word. I had the Coconut Shrimp because I can never say no to coconut, and they were superb. Better than our own, even, and with a lively mango sweet and sour sauce that was much more interesting than I expected. 

There were several good California Chardonnays to choose from, and we opted for the Estancia, which is from Monterrey. Light enough to cut through some of the creamy dishes, but gutsy enough to hold its own.

Caroline chose the Cobb salad to offset her rich soup and she says it was excellent. I picked the Linguine in White Clam sauce (Yes, they offer both) The sauce was understated, but the clams were delicious. I wasn’t quite full, so I finished with a Snickers cheese cake. Just the thing.

All around excellent, and the staff hustled so hard it took us a while to figure out who was supposed to be doing what. When it came down to it, everyone did everything until things were under control.

One thought on “Day 12 Dinner Debriefing: Crab Cakes

  1. Hi Caroline and Tim,I am thoroughly enjoying "our" vacation! Too bad about the tire problems, but every vacation needs a little excitement. Really, really happy with the new addition of menus this year. I love deciding what I would order if I was there. Hope it's smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.Sue

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