Day 14 Drive: Oakhurst, CA to Redding, CA

Slept in this morning because of heavy drapes. Had planned to get up at 0600, shower, breakfast and be on the road by 0730. Instead, woke up at 0655, ran around like headless chicken, breakfast at McDonalds, road by 0740.

Warm and sunny today, with quite a lot of traffic. Took break at one point to try and buy more books at a Borders. Found the store, but it went broke and closed three weeks ago. The information age still has a little ways to go – I think Dingbat needs to be online. For one thing, we couldn’t remember if Borders is actually a bookstore. We looked it up by name after seeing one at the side of the road, but Dingbat had it listed simply as ‘Specialty Retail’. I don’t want a specialty, I want a book.

Tried again in Davis, CA, and Caroline found one of the books she has been seeking, but not I.
Apparently, we’re back in Barnes & Noble country now, so I’ll try again here in Redding. This will be the last of our five nights in California.

Thought we were going to ‘rough it’ here – online we were only able to book a room with two double beds which was located upstairs. As there are no elevators, and we travel about as light as an armoured division, we were very relieved to be offered a ground floor room with two queens. Even better, it is just steps from a parking space. Oh, and you won’t believe the name of the restaurant across the road; it’s the Jade Garden!

After a short rest, we headed out to find a bookstore, and because a can of beer sprang a leak in our cargo compartment, a car wash. After hosing down the cargo liner (money well spent!), we came back to the hotel for a little pool time and that shower I missed in the morning rush.

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