Day 19 Drive: Day off in Missoula, MT

No driving to speak of today, and no photos. The sun has come out here, despite news of flooding ‘above’ Missoula. Some mountain rivers are running very high after several days of rain. None of the road closures seem to affect major routes, however, so we don’t believe our trip will be affected.

Slept in today, then went for lunch at Fuddruckers. Couldn’t do the smoke jumpers museum, it doesn’t start opening until the Memorial Day weekend. Did a little shopping at the mall – just socks and so on for me, a new handbag for C. Swung by the CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few last bottles of wine. Ironically, one of the main stated purposes of this trip was to pick up some Oregon Pinot Noir. However, our only stopover in Oregon was at Sisters, and although a grocery store there had a fabulous variety of wines, their prices were pretty steep. What we shoulda done is, we shoulda run down to Bend. But we didna. Hows that for mixing Bronx English with Scots? Anyway, there’s a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic young wine manager at the CVS Pharmacy, and he helped us pick out a handful of bottles.

Spotted licence plates from Kentucky, which has been a holdout so far, and Hawaii, which is a long shot any time, but once in a while you can spot someone from the navy who just got transferred to the mainland. The Hawaii plate was in the hotel parking lot, just a space or two away from where I found a Hawaii plate last year, but the staff assure me it is a guest, not a staffer.

Spent the afternoon getting ready for customs: digging out our receipts, separating actual purchases from consumables like gas and groceries, and so on.

Tonight we’ll be dining early at Pearl, an old favourite, then tomorrow we’ll be lurching out of bed at 0600 for eight to ten hours of driving. Whee.

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