Day 3: Monday, February 27th. Bozeman, MT to Missoula, MT.

We slept in until 0500 MST this morning. It was too early to go for breakfast, so I worked on my novel for a while and checked email.
We showered and headed downtown for breakfast, timing it to arrive at 0700 exactly as the Nova Café opened and the overnight parking ban lifted. I had an omelette with a blend of wild and organic mushrooms and white cheddar, Caroline had two different Bennies, a regular and a vegetarian. After breakfast, I thought we’d hit the car wash and get the salt from North Dakota washed off, but they weren’t open yet. We loafed in the hotel room until about 0900 and then checked out and went back to the car wash. Today’s planned drive was not long, so we took our time and stopped at a mall for a few minutes. Add JC  Penney to the list of things Dingbat cannot pronounce. ‘Jik Penne,’ he calls it. He calls Missoula ‘Miss Owla.’ At a rest stop near Anaconda, we found that we could detour off the Interstate for a little while and still reconnect without backtracking, so we drove the scenic route through the mountains for a bit. 

There was a sign that said Watch for Bighorn Sheep when Flashing, but we didn’t get flashed by any bighorn sheep.

At around noon, we decided to see stop at the next scenic viewpoint, picnic area or campground and eat our leftover pizza in the car. We found the Flint Creek campground, which really is nestled against the creek. There was a bit of snow on the ground, but the snow plow had just cleared the way in. It was mild enough to eat our pizza outdoors at one of the picnic tables, but not warm enough to linger. But we can say Caroline had an outdoor picnic on her birthday.

Flint Creek

To see more pictues, follow the link called 2012 Trip Photos under the heading Links to Maps and More Photos near the top of the page.

As we backed out, we had to wait for the snow plow, which had apparently reached the end of the campground and was now plowing the way back out. If he thought plowing a campground in February was a waste of time, I hope seeing our foreign plates made him feel better about it. We gave him a cheery wave when we pulled back onto the highway and passed him. Caroline was also pleased to note that a couple of the cattle ranches had llamas. Despite all our dawdling and goofing off, we still made it to the hotel at 1400. I don’t think we’ll bother doing any shopping today, we’ll just go for a hot tub before dinner. Tonight we have reservations at The Silk Road, but the concierge here (or perhaps front desk manager, I’m not sure) has a culinary degree and gave us all sorts of ideas for tomorrow. We’ll let you know.

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