Day Two Dinner Debriefing: Ferraro’s

Since Boodles blew up in that gas explosion, we’ve been mostly eating at Ferraro’s in Bozeman. It’s right down the street, so we could walk home if the shuttle vanished.
I’ve blogged Ferraro’s twice before, but Caroline had the pizza tonight, which is a first. She chose the Mediterranean, after learning that A) the crust is thin, but not paper thin, and B) that they have a light hand with the Marinera sauce. A Mediterranean is like a Hawaiian, but with Prosciutto instead of regular ham. And Fontina cheese instead of Mozza, like Mozzarella is Hawaiian in the first place. At any rate, the pizza was exactly what she wanted, and we brought the leftovers back to our hotel room. I had pretty much the same thing I had in 2009. What, you don’t remember? Fine, I had the Veal Picatta with Fettuccine Alfredo, and we had the Bolla Bardolino by the glass. I like Bardolinos, they’re a very light Italian wine, so they go well with lighter Italian fare. We always have one at home when we make ham and pineapple pizza. I know. That’s not Italian food. And chicken balls aren’t Chinese food, but that doesn’t stop me having a Tsingtao beer with them. Umm. Just in case you think Chinese people sit around the edge of the rice paddy eating deep fried chicken balls with sugary sweet and sour sauce at the end of a long day… No. But back to Italian and Ferraro’s. Veal tender. Alfredo simple and authentic. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar better than what we have at home. The best part was when Jason (okay, Jason is a Greek name at best, but I don’t think there are a lot of Guiellermos in Bozeman) Oh nuts, it wasn’t Jason, it was Patrick, the bus boy. Well there probably aren’t a lot of Patricios either. Anyway, when I had eaten all my veal and fettucine, Patrick offered me a refill on the pasta side. Since I could hear the plaque clumping in my arteries already, I said I was full. Then I ordered the vanilla bean crème brulee. No fat in that, I’m sure. So dinner was very good, the bill was only $65 and the shuttle came in less time than it took me to write this blog entry.
Tomorrow we have only a three hour cruise, little buddy, so I get to sleep in. Then we’ll have breakfast at the Nova Café which has kinky eggs Benny variations.

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