Day 4: Tuesday, February 28th. Staying in Missoula

This is our first full layover day in Missoula, so we took it easy and had breakfast in the hotel after 0700. They have an extensive buffet here, including a pancake printer.
View from our hotel room window
Later in the morning, we went shopping. We’ll do the fancy mall tomorrow when the weather might be wet, so today we focussed on stuff that was more outdoors, like Target. We went downtown for lunch at Catalyst. I wasn’t feeling like eating a whole lot, so I ordered a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. This turned out to be a mistake – the soup came with bread and butter, and the sandwich came with potato chips. Caroline also got more than she bargained for; she ordered the strata special and it was rather more filling than the light quichy thing she had imagined.

We went for a walk downtown and poked around some wine stores but did not buy anything. We had been thinking of a stroll on the river walk, but it was rather too cool and windy. I think it was +3°C for a while. On the way back we stopped at TJ Maxx for a few minutes, then moved on to the CVS pharmacy, which has more wine than our liquor store at home. Actually, the gas station closest to the hotel has more wine than our liquor store at home; the CVS pharmacy is in a whole other league. Then back to the hotel.
Come suppertime, I wasn’t feeling much like eating a fancy meal, so we just drove a few hundred meters down the road to a place called the Montana Club. It was surprisingly good. First surprise, there was only one television. Second surprise, it had a very good wine list. We had Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet by the glass, for $8. Caroline hadn’t had a burger yet, so she ordered a fairly straightforward one and removed most of the bacon. Being cattle country, you’d think there would be a law against bacon in Montana, but it seems to be the opposite. I had beef Stroganoff, which came with a nice little salad with a ginger vinaigrette. I didn’t really have the appetite for the whole dish of stroganoff, so I ate about half and picked out all the beef. It was good, I just wasn’t hungry enough. I don’t know if we’ll ever come to Missoula for three days again, so I don’t know if we’ll have time for another dinner restaurant, but I would make this my default lunch restaurant for future visits.

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