Day Four Dinner Debriefing: Rendezvous Bistro

The Rendezvous Bistro was closed yesterday, remember? It was open today, and they have a thing where if you order two entrees, the second one costs only $2, and they give that to a charity. This week’s charity was the Raptor foundation. That means eagles, hawks and falcons, not dinosaurs. The menu is fairly short, with choices that range from the fairly mundane, such as half a chicken, to the more exotic, like Vietnamese style soup made with venison.
Caroline had the spicy stewed boar on pasta, I had the duck. The breast was divine, the confit a little dry. Our waitress (Janelle?) was patient and helpful. Our bottle of Elk Horn Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley was extremely earthy, verging on moldy. Curiously, the cork looked fine, and smelled only slightly suspicious. We asked if the wine was supposed to be like that, and Jenelle took it to the wine waiter. He agreed that it was not right, and the second bottle was much nicer. A little dusty, so you could see why people might describe it as earthy, but entirely different.
We shared a dessert, an almond cake that came with cranberries. We scored some coconut ice cream that was supposed to come with the profiteroles. Almonds and coconut rock. Brett was there with the hotel shuttle right after we settled our bill.

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