Day Six Dinner Debriefing: Rancho Viejo

Aha! A Mexican restaurant with a Mexican name. That might or might not mean it’s good, but Trip Advisor had good things to say, many of them from locals. Our original plan was actually to eat dinner at Bronco Billy’s, because we had a very good lunch there once. However, the menu does tend towards steak and sandwiches, and that leaves Caroline wondering what to order; she had been thinking of a Cobb Salad. So to give her more options, we changed our minds and went to the Rancho. They do not have a website, but the menu is largely what you would expect to find in a Mexican restaurant. I had the Steak Fajitas, which were pretty good. Caroline wanted a fish taco, but didn’t want to bet the whole meal on it, so she ended up getting three soft tacos: one beef, one chicken and one fish. The fish was halibut, a favourite of hers, and she loved it. She would absolutely order the fish tacos next time. But the beef was very good, too. Caroline did have a glass of Chardonnay, and when the waiter, Ismael, turned out to be very accommodating, a lime daiquiri. I was driving, so I just had a single beer. To compensate, I treated myself to the fried ice cream. Alcohol, sugar, it all comes out of the same sinful pile.

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