Day 7: Sisters, OR to Roseburg, OR

Today’s drive was quite nice; we went through Willamette National forest and the McKenzie River area. We saw some lovely little villages where you could perhaps buy a cabin, and we stopped at a riverside park for lunch. In the afternoon, we had time to tootle through part of the Umpqua River valley, which is another very scenic part of Oregon, and it also has wineries. Stopped in at Brandenborg and River Bend wineries in Elkhorn, then close to Roseburg we visited Melrose and Hillcrest wineries. River Bend in particular is a tiny mom and pop winery, and last time we were here, we met Mike. He was out on errands this time, so we met his wife Vonnie and had our tasting with her. Melrose has one of the nicest gift boutiques I’ve ever seen in a winery, and I’ve seen a number. Hillcrest is a very old winery under new ownership a few years ago. They practice an old school, old world style of winemaking, and I wasn’t sure I’d like their stuff, but we found a Tempranillo we liked, and an unusual Chardonnay, too.
We just had a little pool time, and I’ll post this before we go out for dinner at the Blackbird. I’ll check to see if any of today’s photographs are worth adding to the album. Yes, I uploaded a few. The ‘Winery Guard Dog’ pics are for Tom & Dave.

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