Day 9: Touring the Willamette Valley

No destination today. There are hundreds of wineries around here, and each one offers four or more Pinots, so we got kind of burned out on them yesterday. Today, we’re hunting the elusive Oregon Viognier. Wineries here have begun growing small amounts of this variety, but it’s been gaining in popularity faster than they can ramp up their production.
So today, because yesterday was a bit of a zoo, we picked three wineries that are off the beaten track that specify that they make Viognier. Our hope is that although it’s a Sunday, many people will be taking their moms somewhere else for Mother’s Day.
We did a little shopping before noon, then set off for Cristom. Rather than do a tasting on an empty stomach, we had our picnic on their portico, which was lovely. Sadly, they had already sold out of their Viognier.
Just one driveway over is Witness Tree, and they did have Viognier and we did do a tasting. Five dollars and refundable with purchase, which sat better with me than yesterday’s vineyards.
Lastly, we stopped in at Seven of Hearts, which is back near where we were yesterday, and the young lady that looked after us was mortified to tell us that they were down to their last two cases of Viognier, and they were no longer opening any for tasting. She gave a pretty convincing description of their last two releases, so we bought one without doing a tasting.
After that it was gas up and wash the car for tomorrow. We will be taking the Interstate to Prosser, WA, which is about a four hour drive, and we plan to start early so that we can visit some Yakima Valley wineries and still enjoy some time at the outdoor pool there. We’ve been lucky with the weather so far, after a couple of showers on the first two days, it’s been pretty much blue skies, and temperatures have risen steadily from ‘sweatshirts in the morning’ to ‘shorts and sandals all day’ conditions.

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