Day Ten Dinner Debriefing: The Barn

We’ve had lunch at the Barn a couple of times, but I think this was our first supper there. You can see it from our hotel and it takes maybe seven or eight minutes to walk to it. The menu hasn’t changed a lot since the fifties or sixties: steaks, burgers. No website for this place, but if you search for it, it does come up as The Barn Motor Inn and Restaurant on Trip Advisor. Caroline had the meatloaf – she says it was okay, but not as good as the ones she makes. I had a ribeye. It came on a hot iron platter, and it was pretty good. Today’s dinner special was a lemon pepper chicken breast with asparagus and hollandaise, and that is about as adventurous as they get. One nice touch, they carry a few local wines, such as Hogue Genesis and Airfield. Most are available by the glass. It was our waitress’ first try at wine service and she struggled with the corkscrew, but she muddled through. I asked if I could have the asparagus with my steak, because it just comes with a potato, and they were quite happy to do that for me. It cost me a whole dollar and a half, and I got eight nice asparagus stalks and hollandaise that might have been the real thing. Our whole bill was about $62, with a bottle of wine. In Washington, like Oregon, you can take your leftover heel of wine home if you put it in a bag.

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