Day 16 Drive: Bismarck, ND to Kenora, ON

I happened to wake up just before 0600, so that’s when we started moving. I have packing the car down to a fine art now, since the load hasn’t changed for several days, so while Caroline made tea in the room, I got all the stuff to the Honda in two trips, and everything stowed, strapped down and covered. On my way back to the room to get C, what do I see sitting in the parking lot? My loaner CPAP machine. It had tumbled off the second cartload at the edge of the parking lot. Would have been embarrassing to lose that. Also, I still need it until I can get a permanent replacement for the one that burned out.
The drive went well, especially compared to the same leg in March, which we did on ice. Today the sun shone, and temperatures were mild. We didn’t stop much. We gassed up in Grand Forks, because we know we can make it home from there. We stopped at a nice rest stop and tabulated all our purchases for Customs.
The Customs stop was about as smooth as it gets; there were only four or five vehicles ahead of us, and when we went in to pay for the excess wine, there was no line-up at all. HST and other charges amounted to about $6 per bottle.
Stopped at Subway in Morris to grab subs, then drove the rest of the way home non-stop. Wait, that’s a lie. We ducked into Keewatin Place for milk, eggs and orange juice. That’ll see us through breakfast tomorrow and then we’ll restock the fridge later in the morning. We said hi to the cats before unloading the car completely, and I already have the second load of laundry on.

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