Week Two Picks and Pans

We didn’t do as many fancy places in the second week. For Hotels, the BW in Liberty Lake topped the list because of its spacious layout, outstanding front desk clerk, and the breakfast was good. Missoula was nice, too, with a big room with a high ceiling, and one of the best breakfasts around.
We didn’t do a whole lot of fabulous restaurants in week two, but we did enjoy Hay J’s in Liberty Lake again.
Wineries: On the whole, we found the Washington wineries less self-important than Oregon’s. The one exception to this rule would still be Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, where many wineries still resemble steel farm buildings. River’s Edge in Elkton is one of these, and might still be my favourite. Caroline prefers the rather fancier Silver Lake Winery in Washington’s Yakima Valley. It’s elegant, but the tasting room has floor to ceiling windows that look down into the actual winery, and the people there are very friendly and helpful. Honorable mention to Tucker Cellars, also in the Yakima Valley. Randy Tucker was very interesting to talk to, actually fetching a handful of oak chips from the winery floor to show us.

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