Dinner Debriefing: The Toasted Frog

I am now a Senior Reviewer on Trip Advisor. And I’m horrified that I cannot correct my review of the Toasted Frog that I posted last night because not only did I misspell vinaigrette, I misspelled raspberry! And I call myself a writer. Well, I call myself a reject, because my manuscript hasn’t found a home yet.

The food, Tim – Suzie wants to read about the food!

The Toasted Frog is a hip sort of pub place with an interesting menu. I’m guessing about the hip part – I wouldn’t know hip if I got a new one. But there were people there who were way more interesting than us. The place was full, but they had one vacant table when we arrived, so we were seated right away. Noisy, of course, but we could still talk. Since we couldn’t hear what anyone else was saying, that’s what we had to do. Service was good, although I was startled to notice that our waitress was wearing shorts with her shin-length apron. Looked strange when she walked away.

I had the mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette (leave out a p and an i to recreate my semi-literate Trip Advisor review) which I enjoyed. Mind you, I was so hungry I’d have eaten dandelions, never mind dandelion greens. I chose the pork tenderloin with craisin glaze and basmati rice. I mentioned in the previous post that fries are out. My pork was medium rare, which many chefs and I agree on. Caroline cringes a little at this, but agreed it was juicy and delicious. She had the fish tacos, which came as a kit – a big hunk of mahi-mahi and a little stack of tortillas with mango salsa and chunky slaw. She says they were very good.

Lots of nice wines by the glass, so Caroline had the St. Francis Chardonnay and I had the Coppola Merlot. No dessert. Caroline says she may cave in before the weekend is over. Funny how the bill seems so reasonable if you skip dessert and drink less!

One thought on “Dinner Debriefing: The Toasted Frog

  1. Yes, Tim…….. it's about the food! Have a great time and safe travels as you weave your way from restaurant to restaurant.

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